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In late 2015, Founder Steven Dana discovered his vision to provide at-risk victims of abuse with the same level of care and protective services that he had provided throughout his career to high net worth individuals, executives, and other at-risk individuals. PROTECTION FROM ABUSE was founded in December 2015 as Protection from Abuse Security Services, a Pennsylvania Non-Profit corporation. Our Founder promptly reached out to his professional network, and recruited other highly qualified, talented, and accomplished security professionals to the mission.

In 2016, we formed a number of working relationships with State Victim-Witness Coordinators, and formed a number of community partnerships, including our working relationship with the security firm Life Button 24, and MassMutual’s LifeBridge program. 2016 also marked our evolution to victim centered advocacy, and our mandated minimum victim advocacy training standards for all employess and volunteers.

2017 is projected to be a year of significant growth for the organization as we look to expand our Board of Directors, and add local community specific state funded projects starting in 2018 with collaboration from local Law Enforcement, Victim-Witness Advocates, Federal & State Prosecutors, Houses of Worship, and other community stakeholders and service providers.